Senztek is a small New Zealand technology company with some very specific and deeply understood IP in the area of hot water heating. It is a company with a twenty three year history in the design and manufacture of industrial control instrumentation. Senztek products can be found in many large New Zealand industrial processing plants including diary factories, wineries, meat works, cool stores, and large retail outlets. Senztek is a true design and manufacturing company with the capability to take an idea all the way through to commercialisation. Over the past ten years Senztek has developed special knowledge in the control and management of hot water heating systems with control systems in over 35 thousand solar hot water heating sites throughout New Zealand and Australia. Senztek has developed an export market and has earned a number of awards along the way; perhaps the most significant being the inaugural 2009 Entrepreneurs’ Challenge run by the Auckland University School of Business and the Icehouse incubator.


Senztek is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, owns all of its IP, has a strong reputation for the development and manufacture of quality products over a long period of time and is a NZ based company that understands the innovation process.


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